Sourcing Digi Expo 2021

One Virtual Exhibition – Endless Growth Possibilities
For Your Corporation Globally

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The Grand Virtual Exhibition – With A Global Footprint
The Sourcing Digi Expo 2021 is bringing together the biggest and best suppliers, manufacturers and supply chain partners in the business under one virtual roof !
Certified Suppliers

Meet 100+ IATF, VDA Audited OEM Suppliers who have a vast experience of exporting to continents like Europe, USA, Asia, Africa etc.

Unique VR-Enabled Exhibition Platform

The Expo is hosted on a custom-built, VR-enabled, high-end digital platform which transforms the exhibition into a REAL experience.

Participating Sectors & Nations

Key players from Automotive, Railways, Manufacturing, Home Appliances, Power Transmission, Construction, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Off-highway and Aerospace will be exhibiting at the Expo.

Virtual. Global. Limitless.

The Sourcing Digi Expo 2021 promises to be an incredible networking opportunity where you will meet potential supply chain partners with a proven track record

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Why Attend The Sourcing Digi Expo 2021?

The Sourcing Digi Expo 2021 has the participation of leading manufacturers, suppliers, vendors & distributors from various industrial segments of the super cost-effective Indian market

Certified Suppliers

Meet 100+ IATF, VDA Audited OEM Suppliers who have a vast experience of exporting to continents like Europe, USA, Asia, Africa etc. while maintaining a 100% on-time delivery record.

Supply Chain Management

Build a seamless Supply Chain at a cost-effective price with vendors who understand the complexity of large multinational manufacturing organizations.

One-Click Meetings

Schedule meetings with potential suppliers at the press of a single click!

Networking With Kings

Virtual Networking Session with industry peers and leaders. Build real connections with real people.

ATF, VDA Audited OEM Suppliers
Participating Countries
Key players from various industries
Heavy-duty, impactful sectors in sharp focus
An unmissable event for any corporation whose vision and goals are to GROW LARGER & GO GLOBAL
Our virtual exhibition platform with personalised 3D booths allows visitors to experience all showcased products in a unique 360° vision. This experience makes it easier for them to visualise how the product will complement their needs.
The platform has been built bearing in mind that participants will be joining in from diverse devices (mobiles, laptops and tablets) and browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.). The Sourcing Digi Expo 2021 works brilliantly on all devices and browsers, additionally, it is VR-enabled, hence you can also enjoy the experience through your VR devices.
In the midst of a global pandemic where social distancing is the need of the hour, we have transformed an Expo into a Digi Expo so as to ensure all the exhibitors and visitors stay safe throughout the event. Going fully digital allows us to let you connect with participants from all over the world and build Real Connections Virtually.
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Sectors In Focus @ The Sourcing Digi Expo 2021
About Organiser

The Sourcing Digi Expo 2021 is organised by the reputable Crescendo Worldwide, an organization with a presence in 50+ countries that promotes International trade and Investments on a global scale.

Crescendo Worldwide has a decade of experience in building up trade fairs that lead to incredibly successful networking opportunities and long-term partnerships for the global industry and business promotion.

Crescendo Worldwide – The Organisation With A Global Vision
The Sourcing Digi Expo 2021 is a unique offering from Crescendo Worldwide.

As we keep up with the times, we have created a digital platform that enables us to reach over a million people across the globe.

In 2021 alone, Crescendo Worldwide has organised 6 virtual exhibitions for various industrial sectors like automotive, railways, pharma, defence, etc.

We have also hosted events such as: Auto Expo Turkey 2020, NRW Virtual Investment Summit, International Virtual Exhibition Hannover Impulse, Auto Digi Expo, etc. in the recent past.

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